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Inland Homes are working with the council to deliver a new regeneration scheme for Broxbourne. Cheshunt Lakeside is a designated site outlined in Broxbourne’s draft local plan and forms a key part of Broxbourne Council’s strategy to deliver new homes and economic growth in the area.

The vision for Cheshunt Lakeside is to deliver a scheme which will greatly benefit Cheshunt – its businesses and residents alike. Cheshunt Lakeside will provide new homes for current and new residents and will be attractive to businesses, offering a variety of different spaces to support small, growing and larger companies. The commercial space will deliver opportunities for cafes and restaurants to thrive in well-used and high quality civic space next to the station.

The council have selected industrial brownfield sites like Cheshunt Lakeside in their draft local plan. By doing so, the council will avoid using green belt land to deliver housing growth should sites like Cheshunt Lakeside not come forward.

If approved, the site will be of huge benefit to the local community with new homes, commercial space, a primary school, community and landscaped areas and improvements to local train and bus services. To view our latest proposals, please click here.

The proposals have gone through an extensive consultation process. The development team have been meeting with the council, local stakeholders and businesses to ensure that Cheshunt Lakeside delivers what the local community needs. To view our previous consultation events, please click here.

Inland Homes believe that the regeneration provided by Cheshunt Lakeside presents a significant opportunity to deliver lasting benefits for the local community and the wider area. If you would like to get in touch about the proposals, please contact us here.



The Development

Inland Homes has submitted an outline application to redevelop the Cheshunt Lakeside site, a key allocated development area in Broxbourne’s Draft Local Plan. The site, which includes land on Delamare Road and the former Tesco HQ, has been earmarked for a mix of development, including 1,853 homes, business floorspace for new business start-ups, a local centre situated along Windmill Lane, a two form of entry primary school and landscaped public open space.

The development will help to drive economic growth for the area, providing 1,000 new jobs on the completed site and another 250 in construction. The New Homes Bonus Funding will help local projects and a projected £28m in additional spend by new residents will help to support local businesses and services.

In addition, existing residents will benefit from opportunities to set up businesses, as well as a new two-form primary school, public open space and reap the advantages of better public transport services through upgrades to the local bus network and Cheshunt station.

The proposals have gone through an extensive consultation programme, with a number of consultation events and meetings organised to display the proposals. To view the exhibition events and proposals displayed, please click here

Key benefits

Approximately 1,850 new homes, offering a mix of different apartment types

Up to 18,007 sq. metres of commercial space, offering space for existing and new businesses

A new two form entry primary school, meeting the needs of new and existing residents

Protection of the green belt – delivering housing growth to support the area’s housing targets and saving up to 12.2 hectares of green belt land

Improvements to train and bus services, as well as the local highway

Up to 1,044 sq. metres of community space, providing a place for local groups to meet, use and socialise

New landscaped spaces and pocket parks, with excellent pedestrian and cycle routes to the Lea Valley Regional Park

Significant economic benefits, including the reprovision of around 1,000 jobs on the completed site, 250 construction jobs with opportunities for local people, New Homes Bonus funding of £12 million to help fund local priorities, and £28 million a year in additional spending by new residents, helping support local businesses and services.

The Masterplan for the site can be viewed by clicking here.

View of Cheshunt Lakeside from Windmill Lane

Cheshunt Lakeside will provide a number of local amenities including public landscaped spaces

View of Cheshunt Lakeside along Delamare Road

Changes made to this application

Cheshunt Lakeside is an evolving scheme and we have taken on feedback throughout the consultation process from residents and stakeholders. To view the changes made between our July and October Consultation events, please see below:

Since our October consultation we have made some further changes to the scheme including a reduction in the height of buildings and the number of new homes.

Changes to the scheme include:

  • A reduction of the highest point of the scheme from 13 storeys to 8 storeys
  • A reduction of housing from around 2,000 units to approximately 1,850
  • Removal of a residential block from the north of the school to provide more open green space
  • Reduction of floors of blocks along eastern boundary of site from 4 storeys to 3 storeys
  • Reduction of highest point of community hub from 7 storeys to 6 storeys


Highways and Transport

Since our public consultation in July 2017, we have been undertaking further detailed studies to assess the vehicle movements generated by Cheshunt Lakeside and how this will impact on the local network.

As part of our consultation in October, we displayed the findings from these studies regarding how Cheshunt Lakeside will fit into future highways and transport strategies for Broxbourne.

This detailed how transport will be managed on Cheshunt Lakeside and how Inland Homes will contribute to local infrastructure – such as the train network (including CrossRail 2), buses and upgrades to the Old Pond Roundabout.

Cheshunt Station will be upgraded to align with planned improvements to the West Anglia Main Line, including longer trains, increased train and station capacity and new services.

We also detailed how parking will be managed onsite. Each block will have its own residential parking with a total of 1,730 off street parking space onsite. A management strategy will also be integrated to ensure no overspill into the surrounding area.

As part of the highway assessments, we are using modelling which details how new development will contribute to traffic movements. The modelling compares how vehicle movements would be generated by Cheshunt Lakeside, compared to the site as currently used. Please see below to view a video of the modelling which shows the assessed impact of vehicle movements at peak hours in the morning and evening.

For further information about the highways and traffic displayed at the consultation, please click here.



Inland Homes are committed to consulting with the public about the proposals and ran an extensive consultation programme to ensure that local stakeholders and the wider community were consulted about the scheme. This will ensure that Cheshunt Lakeside will deliver an excellent scheme for residents and the community.

July 2017 Consultation

The first consultation (held in the Laura Trott Centre on 13th and 14th July) was a chance to present the proposals to the public for the first time. 467 people attended over the two days and the development team received over 100 feedback forms. The feedback asked for further information about traffic, parking and other infrastructure such as queries about doctors, schools and the local transport network.

This feedback was taken into account when reviewing the design of the scheme and the updated proposals shown in the October Consultation.

To view the July consultation banners, please click here.


October 2017 Consultation

The second consultation was held on 12-13th October in the Laura Trott Centre and displayed the updated proposals. As per the feedback received, the team provided further information regarding the traffic impact assessments and an updated masterplan for the scheme.

The exhibition had 507 attendees with over 80 attendees leaving feedback. The feedback showed an improved perception of the scheme, with further information requested by attendees regarding the scale of the development, parking and traffic.

The team are committed to continuing dialogue with businesses, stakeholders and residents right up until submission of the outline planning application. If you have any queries, you can send us a message via our contact page.


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