Inland Homes are leading the development of Cheshunt Lakeside, working with the Council to deliver a new regeneration scheme for Cheshunt.

Cheshunt Lakeside forms a key part of Broxbourne Council’s strategy to deliver new homes and economic growth in the area.

Inland Homes believe that the regeneration provided by Cheshunt Lakeside presents a significant opportunity to deliver lasting benefits for the local community and the wider area.

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The Development

The site is situated between Windmill Lane and Cadmore Lane and is located in the most sustainable location in Broxbourne, next to Cheshunt station with excellent links into London and Cambridge.

The development is designed around principles of ‘live, work and play’. In essence, the site will provide both social and economic benefits to Cheshunt and Cheshunt Lakeside residents.


This will include:

  • Up to 2000 new homes including housing for first time buyers, commuters and elderly accommodation
  • Closely located to local amenities such as the Lea Valley Park, Cheshunt Station and the Laura Trott Centre
  • Extensive public areas for pedestrians, cyclists and landscaped areas for public use
  • A new two form primary school and community facilities for societies, social clubs and sports clubs
  • Cheshunt Lakeside will be an attractive centre for business – supporting growing businesses through improved commercial space and established local business through the new customers the site will bring 

We want to create an outstanding development for Cheshunt. The site will be designed to provide new homes, business space and local amenities for the community.


Highways and Transport

Since our public consultation in July 2017, we have been undertaking further detailed studies to assess the vehicle movements generated by Cheshunt Lakeside and how this will impact on the local network. 

As part of our consultation in October, we will be highlighting the findings from these studies and relaying information regarding how Cheshunt Lakeside will fit into future highways and transport strategies for Broxbourne.

This will detail how transport will be managed on Cheshunt Lakeside and how Inland Homes will contribute to local infrastructure – such as the train network (including CrossRail 2), buses and upgrades to the Old Pond Roundabout.

We will also detail how parking will be managed onsite.

As part of the highway assessments, we are using models which outline how new development will contribute to traffic movements. Please see below to view a video of the modelling.

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Inland Homes are committed to consulting with the public about the proposals and are organising an expansive consultation programme to ensure that local stakeholders and the wider community are consulted about the scheme. This will ensure that Cheshunt Lakeside will deliver for residents and the community. 

July 2017 Consultation

We hosted a Public Consultation event on 13th and 14th July 2017 to display the latest proposals for the site. 467 people attended over the two days and we received over 100 feedback forms. This feedback has been taken into account when reviewing the design of the scheme and the updated proposals will be shown at our consultation in October.

To view the July Public consultation banners, please click here


October 2017 Consultation

We are holding another two days of consultation on 12th – 13th October in the Laura Trott Centre, to show the revised proposals for Cheshunt Lakeside. Please see below for further information:

Alternatively you can fill out the feedback form below:
October Feedback Form

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