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Phase 1A construction underway

As part of the enabling works for the redevelopment of the site, we began the demolition of Tesco Resource Centre, Old Tesco House and New Tesco House in late 2019. With these works complete, and with detailed planning consent for Phase 1A achieved, construction of the first 195 homes began in early November 2020. Phase 1A of Cheshunt Lakeside is being developed in partnership with local housing association, B3Living. Homes will be available in 2022.

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195 apartments in Phase1A

Phase 1A at

Construction of the first 195 homes started in November 2020.

Construction of these homes, forming Phase1A of the scheme as shown in the image opposite, started in November 2020 and will take approximately two years to complete.

We will use retained materials from the demolition of former Tesco Headquarters buildings on Delamare Road in this first parcel of construction – helping the scheme to achieve its sustainability targets.

As Cheshunt Lakeside is a phased development, we will need to carry out further demolition of structures on Delamare Road in the future to enable future phases of development.

Public safety and comfort has been and will continue to be our priority throughout. We have put in place a range of practical measures to ensure the safe delivery of the works and to minimise disruption.



Inland Homes has put in place a traffic management plan to help control traffic in and out of the site and minimise disruption in local roads.

Measures include:
  • 75% of the materials will be reused on site, reducing the volume of heavy traffic in and out of the site meaning less noise, emissions and traffic on local roads.
  • Each demolition site has only two sets of gates – one for traffic to enter and one for traffic to exit to help control traffic.
  • Gates are set back from the site boundary and road so that vehicles can safely pull off the road before entering.
  • Site gates are manned and controlled by a qualified CITB Traffic Marshal who will control vehicle movements and monitor the safety of pedestrians around the gates.
  • Every entrance utilises existing crossovers / dropped kerbs, which are wide and suitable for the vehicles in use.
  • Traffic management procedures are periodically monitored and audited by senior managers of Inland Homes and Lowery Demolition.
  • There are two routes linking with the A10 for all traffic associated with the demolition phase

There are two routes linking with the A10 for all traffic associated with the demolition phase.

Northern route
A10 – Church Lane – High Street – Cadmore Lane – Delamare Road
Northern route
Southern route
A10 – B198 College Road – Turners Hill – Windmill Lane – Delamare Road
Southern route



  • 2.4 m secure timber hoarding installed at each site.
  • Anti-climb mesh gates installed at each site.


  • Screens or barriers installed around dust generating activities.
  • Stockpiles covered and loose materials removed.
  • Rubble chutes and conveyors enclosed.
  • All vehicles removing waste to be covered prior to leaving site.
  • Scheduled road sweeping of areas inside and outside site boundaries.
  • Hoardings, fencing barriers and gates regularly cleaned.
  • Protective scaffolding erected on New Tesco House facing Delamare Road to create a physical barrier for the mitigation of dust.

Fuel management

  • Fuel and oil storage located where there is minimal risk of collision from vehicles or plant, away from storm water sewers, grids, channels and watercourses.
  • Fuel storage tanks locked when not in use.


  • Nose levels monitored throughout.
  • No demolition or construction outside the hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm Saturday or at any time on Sundays and bank holidays.
  • Existing routes, which do not have any steep hills, used throughout.
  • Material and plant loading and unloading limited strictly to designated times.
  • Retention and recycling of materials from demolition will greatly reduce the number of vehicles accessing the site, reducing noise, vibration and control of dirt.

Control of silt and soil run-off

  • Ground slab left in place as long as possible..
  • Waste materials kept away from drains and gulleys.
  • Permeable drain guards installed to all road gulleys near site entrances.
  • Routine management inspection of site to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness.

Wheel washing

  • Every vehicle leaving site pressure washed using a 3000psi pressure washer.
  • Exit from each of the three demolition sites controlled by gateman/traffic marshal.
  • Green screen
  • Mature trees on the western boundary of the New Tesco House and Tesco Resource retained to provide a natural screen between neighbouring properties and demolition sites.

frequently asked

New Tesco House, Old Tesco House and Tesco Resource Centre have been demolished as part of Phase 1A works. Future works will require additional demolition and we will provide updates on this as the project progresses.
See above maps. The primary route to and from the site will be the Northern Route (A10 – Church Lane – High Street – Cadmore Lane – Delamare Road). Smaller vehicles will use the Southern Route (A10 – B198 College Road – Turners Hill – Windmill Lane – Delamare Road).
We understand that traffic is of concern to the community and we have put a number of measures in place to minimise disruption as far as possible. Vehicles will only be able to access the site between 9:30am and 3:30pm. This is to avoid peak traffic. There will be no Sunday or bank holiday working. Operation hours on site are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 1pm on Saturdays.
Demolition started at the end of October and completed in summer 2020.
We aim to recycle and reuse 75% of materials demolished. Tesco Resource Centre was the first building to be demolished and the land on which the building currently stands is being used to store the materials until they can be reused.


If you have any queries or wish to request further information, you can get in contact with us about the scheme in the following ways:

Call our dedicated community line on: 0800 170 7270
Email us at: [email protected]
Alternatively, you can email us using the contact form:

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