Inland Homes has carried out extensive consultation and worked closely with the local community and a wide range of stakeholders to develop the plans for Cheshunt Lakeside

Resolution to grant planning permission for the scheme was announced in June 2019, representing the largest consent ever achieved by Inland Homes. Planning was finalised in August 2019 with the signing of the Section 106 agreement with Broxbourne Borough Council, securing £14.1m of public investment.

Cheshunt Lakeside will be delivered in phases over a number of years. Before construction can begin, a detailed planning application for each stage of work must be approved by the Council.  We submitted the reserved matters application for the delivery of the first phase (phase 1A), comprising 195 new homes, in 2019. This was approved in 2020. In 2021 we received approval for Phases 1B and Parcel 14. Construction of these phases is now underway.

The next phase of the regeneration will be Phase 1C/Parcel 13 and Phase 1D which will deliver the heart of the development, including the local centre, commercial uses, public realm, loop road and bus drop off area, as well as more new homes. Initial plans are being discussed with Broxbourne Borough Council and we hope to submit the detailed application in 2022.

The scheme will deliver
lasting benefits


1,725 new homes in a range of sizes and tenures, including affordable housing, to suit a mix of residents.


Investment in transport links with a new a bus route and upgrades to Cheshunt railway station, as well as new cycle and pedestrian routes.


£14.1m financial contributions to fund new and upgraded community facilities and infrastructure.


Delivery of a new two-form entry primary and nursery school, meeting the needs of new and existing residents.


19,000sqm of brand new, flexible commercial space for businesses, including start-ups, helping to boost the local economy by up to £16m.


Generating new jobs – 250 construction jobs and 30 apprentices during the build process, as well as up to 1,150 new jobs on the completed development.


Cheshunt Lakeside will not only deliver much-needed new homes in Broxbourne, but also a range of new community facilities and public infrastructure.

The masterplan will deliver a total of 1,725 high-quality new homes, designed in a range of sizes, layouts and tenures, including affordable housing, to suit a mix of residents. There will be 19,000 sq. m of brand new, flexible commercial and office space for businesses, including start-ups.

Alongside this, Inland Homes will contribute £14.1m to fund new and upgraded community facilities and infrastructure that will help create a flourishing community. This includes funding for a new nursery and two-form entry primary school, as well as contributions towards secondary schools.

Inland Homes will also provide investment to improve transport links with a new road within the development, bus route and upgrades to Cheshunt railway station. There will be a focus on creating an attractive and welcoming environment with new landscaped public open spaces, pocket parks and cycle and pedestrian routes connecting with the Lee Valley Regional Park.

The development will help to drive economic growth for the area, generating 250 construction jobs and 30 apprenticeships during the build process, as well as supporting up to 1,150 jobs when the development is complete, helping boost the local economy by up to £16m a year through inward investment.

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October 2019
Pre-demolition Public Open Event

An open event for local businesses and residents was held on 16 October 2019 at Inland Homes’ offices on site (Heldrew House) to provide information on the progress of the plans and update the local community about the demolition phase.

Over 200 people attended the exhibition, which was hosted by the project team and representatives from Lowery Demolition, and over 100 people signed up to receive updates about the project.

October 2017 Consultation

A consultation was held on 12-13 October in the Laura Trott Leisure Centre and displayed the updated proposals. As per the feedback received, the team provided further information regarding the traffic impact assessments and an updated masterplan for the scheme.

The exhibition had 507 attendees with over 80 attendees leaving feedback. The feedback showed an improved perception of the scheme, with further information requested by attendees regarding the scale of the development, parking and traffic.

July 2017 Consultation

The first consultation (held in the Laura Trott Leisure Centre on 13 and 14 July) was a chance to present the proposals to the public for the first time. 467 people attended over the two days and the development team received over 100 feedback forms. The feedback asked for further information about traffic, parking and other infrastructure such as queries about doctors, schools and the local transport network.

This feedback was taken into account when reviewing the design of the scheme and the updated proposals shown in the October consultation.

frequently asked

Broxbourne Council has granted outline planning consent for 1,725 homes across the whole development site. Inland Homes will submit a detailed planning application for each phase of work as the project progresses. This is a called a reserved matters application and details the building height, the number of apartments and the living options (whether one, two, or three-bedroom) proposed for each stage.
Inland Homes owns the majority of Phases 1 and 2 which are the largest within the development. It does not own the land highlighted for development as Phases 3 and 4 as highlighted on the map above.
The new development will have 19,000sqm of flexible and commercial space available. We are liaising directly with businesses located within the land we own to discuss the options available.
Planning consent specified that every home will have one allocated parking space. However, we anticipate that many buyers will be attracted to the proximity to Cheshunt railway station and will not be reliant on cars.
Yes. The development will include cycle routes, pedestrian routes, green open spaces and planned play areas.
Inland Homes will build a bus route as part of Phase 1 works that will connect the railway station with Delamare Road. We will also deliver new cycle and pedestrian links, and traffic calming safety measures along Delamare Road. Additionally, we are making a financial contribution to Broxbourne Borough Council to upgrade existing roads within Cheshunt. The Council will decide how this contribution is invested.
A nursery and two-form entry primary school will be built in Phase 1. There will also be 19,000m2 of flexible commercial and retail space in the development. We are also giving Broxbourne Borough Council £14.1m to upgrade infrastructure and community facilities in the area. This includes: *£4.5m to existing local secondary schools; *£5m to public realm and highway improvements, including £2.1m to enhance the Old Pond area; *£1.9m to public health initiatives: £630k to upgrading the Laura Trott Leisure Centre and other local sports facilities, £750k to Lee Valley Regional Park and £500k to support local health facilities; *£870k to sustainable transport, including new cycle and pedestrian links, and traffic calming safety measures along Delamare Road; *£1.5m to deliver a new bus route to Cheshunt railway station.
All the homes in the development will be apartment accommodation, with one, two and three-bedroom accommodation options available.
A minimum eleven per cent of the development will be Section 106 affordable housing.
The detailed planning application is still in development but the maximum height of the tallest building in the emerging design is a maximum of 45.6m AOD.